Gynaecology Table Electronic

NPR 961 Gynaecology Table Electronic

The NPR 961 Gynaecology Table Electronic is a functional examination and treatment chair for Urology. It is equipped with all necessary features to meet the current demands for flexibility and ergonomics. Mounted on a telescopic column, which provides a great stability and length range, the NPR 961 chair rests on a quality steel structure which gives it an exceptional sturdiness.

  • Designed for gynaecology, examination, urology and simple surgical operations
    Lockable castors (optional)
  • Back and seat rest made of polyurethane foam of high density to provide suitable comfort
  • Trendelenburg movement with the help of mechanical damper mechanism 3 motors
  • Adjustable stainless-steel foot supports with polyurethane cover
  • Backrest, height and Trendelenburg adjusted electronically
  • Remote control panel
  • Epoxy coated steel construction
  • Stainless steel handle with polyurethane cover
  • Leather upholstery with high density foam
  • Stainless steel waste bin
  • Stainless steel paper roll hanger
  • Head support cushion
  • Polyurethane arm support (optional)

Base over four leveling legs. Fix height. Backrest and trendelemburg adjustment is made by gas spring, through a hand lever placed under the mattress with an easy and comfortable handling. Leg supports are easy detachable and adjustable, allowing a wide range of positions, like horizontal position for ultrasound examinations.

  • Dual eletronic footswitch controls height and table angle
  • Fully removable leg section with stainless steel debris tray for examination and operation
  • Gas struts control the head section angle
  • Control the height and angle through the use of dual foot pedals
  • Easily stabilise or move the table using the retractable wheels
  • 250kg weight rating
  • Long lived, easily-cleaned ,antibacterial special furnishing.
  • Heavy duty PVC upholstery, resistant to fire, stains, mildew, oil, water and wear resistant
  • Headrest height adjustment with electronic motor
  • Stable position during the elevation of the couch
  • Formed by 3 main parts(couch, seat, leg)
  • Epoxy coated steel structure
  • Hand control unit
  • Fixed height
NPR 961
Height 500mm – 1000mm
Backrest area 550mm (w) – 800mm (L)
Seating area 550mm (w) – 550mm (L)
Backrest adjustment 75°
Trendelenburg adjustment 15°
Safe working load 180 kg
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