Patient Transfer Chair


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NSS 2310 Patient Transfer Chair

Patient Transfer Chair ;

  • Advertising set consisting of: 2 labels on back wheel holder and
  • ABS footrest section is foldable upward when idle and stacking
  • Stainless steel tubes 18-10, Ø 32×2 mm electropolished
  • Material armrests, backrest and seat: PU foam
  • Foot rest: automatically folding upward when idle
  • Rear wheels: puncture-proof and non-marking
  • Brake system: automatic safety braking system
  • Integrated brake system at pushing handles
  • Front wheels: puncture-proof and non-marking
  • PU-wheels, Ø 150×33 mm
  • with convenience function
  • PU-Bereifung, Ø 310×55 mm with
  • sturdy stainless steel housing
  • Design: space-saving and stackable
  • 2 labels on lateral aluminium plate
  • Weight: appr. 21.0 kg
  • Max. load capacity: 150.- kg
  • ABS footrest section is foldable upward when idle and stacking
  • Safety belt ( optional )Stacking 10 chairs into 3, 10 meters
  • Integrated brake system at pushing handles
  • Small front castors enhance maneuverability
  • Polymeric backrest, seat surface and armrest
  • Height adjustable stainless steel I.V. pole
  • Stackable chairs up to desired quantity
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Urine bag holder
  • Armrests: hinged

Nuprom NSS 2310 provides the perfect modularity for transfer with comfort,
speed, easy handling, mobility and space saving features. With its fantastic design
Nuprom NSS 2310 is convenient to use in hospitals, airports and shopping centers.

NSS 2310
External Dimension 70 x 102 cm
External Height 100 cm
Seat Surface 47 x 46 cm
Backrest 49 x 40 cm
Rear Wheel 200 mm
Product weight 15 kg
Safe working load 150 kg
Why Stainless Steel?
NSS 2310

The medical industry has the most stringent standards of sanitation in design and execution. Due to the prevalence of medical malpractice lawsuits, anything that comes into contact with patients in any way or that is surgically implanted into their bodies must be 100% sanitary and must work perfectly 100% of the time.

Stainless steel is the best material for a host of medical applications because of its versatility and the difficulty that microorganisms have colonising on its surface. Consequently, stainless steel is ubiquitous in the manufacture of medical devices. Grade 304 stainless steel is the grade most commonly used.

Characteristics of Grade 304 Stainless Steel in Medical Devices

Grade 304 is strong and durable but also highly workable. This makes it a great material for sinks, pans, bowls, hollow ware and other medical vessels. Due to its low yield strength and high potential for elongation, grade 304 stainless steel is easily formed into complex shapes without going through the process of annealing.

Uses for Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Uses for grade 304 stainless steel include: orthopaedic implants, precision stainless steel tubing, bone fixation, artificial heart valves, containers for chemicals and other hazardous materials, tools, wires, curettes, plates, prostheses, screws, syringes, needles, catheters and sensor probes. Office uses include sinks, tables, bowls, knives and trays.

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