Company Profile

Company Profile

NUPROM medical company is established in 2019 to take its place in global health sector in order to deliver its quality products and services all around the world as far as possible. Since our establishment in Turkey, we have built a vast network and business relationship which increase day by day and this has brought a big demand for our products and services.

This young company is founded by Mr. Ufuk Cindioglu who has experience in the health sector over ten years. Our founder started with hospital furniture at the beginning and he has improved his knowledge to have a crucial role in turn-key hospital solutions. NUPROM is launched with sales and project department to provide a quality service as turn-key project company. NUPROM has attracted attentions of hospitals by providing them full package solutions.

In this respect, our company has become the only channel to communicate by our partners and end users. As company we have taken responsibility off the shoulders of our partner companies and dedicate ourself providing a compact solutions for your projects. To know what actually our clients need enables a great ease of work flow between our project units and besides saving a lot of time, motivation of our teams is always kept up, which brings excellent outcome for clients.

NUPROM has become manufacturer – supplier from only being supplier. Our products and services delivered under NUPROM brand with warranty.

Business Concept

NUPROM is a company that totally focused working internationally to cover global demands. We reach to potential client by marketing our strong company profile which is supported by our own financial resource. Once an inquiry recieved, our project departments review the inquiry and after provide clients right product with specifications requested. We firstly aim to build trust in the global market with this business concept.


Our main goal to achieve is to make NUPROM brand one of the most trusted and quality brand around the globe. While working on our achievment we make sure all the products delivered to be manufactured with the latest technology and met world quality standards.

Our Values

We define our values as following below principles;


Thanks to the nature of our unique business concept and our company’s goals, we naturally take our place among the leading companies. One of our primary responsibilities is to always provide our partners and end users the accurate and clear information they really need about our products and services.


NUPROM is acting as turn-key medical solution company which needs intense work and effort, and we always look out for beneficiary of our team and business partners. In this regard, we give them what they deserve because this will effect positively the work we provide to our clients. In this case we are not price oriented company, but we always be fair to our clients considering the global market competition and their financial budgets.


First principle we apply while communicating with our clients is transparency. Our clients deserve to know who we are, what we do and how we do.


Besides our products catalogue, while working on a project we match the most suitable and quality product for hospitals in terms of their need.


We always follow the rules of law and do the work flow in the most right way. Every member of NUPROM team is trained to approach ethically not only to our clients but our business partners too.

Products and Services
Nuprom│ Company Profile

Hospital Room Project

– Room designing
– Product selection 

  • Hospital bed (Electronic or manual)
  • Bed head unit ( including gas outlets)
  • Bedside cabinet
  • Overbed table
  • Mobile IV pole
  • Attendant (visitor) couch
  • Wardrobe (Clothes cabinet)
  • PVC flooring
  • Room doors
  • Wall protection
  • Patient entertainment systems ( soon )

– Product placement
– Pricing

Operation Room Project

– Room designing
– Product selection

  • Surgical table
  • Surgical light
  • ICU Pendant
  • Anti-static PVC flooring
  • Modular wall systems
  • LAF (Laminar flow) unit
  • Stainless steel products (mayo table, instrument table, cabinets etc.)
  • Operation room doors
  • Pass box
  • Medical trolleys and carts
  • Operation room transfer stretchers

– Product placement
– Pricing

Emergency Department

– Designing
– Product selection

  • Emergency stretcher
  • Emergency carts and trolleys
  • Patient transfer chairs
  • Blood drawing chair
  • Mobile IV pole
  • Overbed table
  • Nurse stations
  • Doctor and nurse chairs

– Product placement
– Pricing

Maternity and Gynaecology

– Designing
– Product selection

  • Delivery bed (electronic or manual)
  • Gynaecology examination couches (electronic or manual)
  • Baby cots and cribs
  • Doctor stool
  • Examination light

– Product placement
– Pricing

Doctor Office, Administration Office, Staff Room and Other Rooms

– Designing
– Product selection

  • Office table
  • Office chair
  • Guest chair and table
  • Staff clothes cabinets ( wardrobes )
  • Examination couches
  • Examination lights
  • Doctor stool
  • X-ray viewer
  • Shelf systems (storage)
  • Linen trolleys
  • Reception desks
  • Waiting chairs
  • Medical waste trolleys
  • Wheelchair (Patient transfer chairs)
  • Patient lifting systems
  • MRI compatible streetchers and chairs
  • Physiotherapy couch

– Product placement
– Pricing

NUPROM has shown a great increase since 2019 by exporting 12 countires actively.
Besides, we are in communication with companies in the territories of Asia, Europe and South America for possible business cooperations.

Thanks to our company core value we have built trust with our current partners and increase the number of possible partners day by day.