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Your solution partner of Hospital Furnitures, Operating Room Equipments, Laminar Flow Systems, Clean Room Systems, Turnkey Modular OR systems.

Nuprom realizes that we are in the age where needs are increasing in the world, business models become more technological based, increasing needs are more specific, information management, customer relations are more important and Nuprom aims to offer innovative solutions and go on with these ideas based on the principle of progression.

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We consult our partners to choose the most suitable products for their needs.

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Nuprom Health Projects Company
Nuprom Medical Hospital Equipments Manufacturer and Supplier – Health and Medical Projects 
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Nuprom provides high quality medical equipments at cost effective prices.  100% stainless steel long-lasting and durable products hospital and medical equipment and for further information. Please contact us
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Nuprom Equipments ; Hospital Beds, Emergency Stretchers, Medical Carts, Crash Carts, Surgical lights, Surgical tables, Laminar Flow Units, Hospital Doors, Operation Room Doors, Pass Box, Disposable Surgical products, Disposable sutures, Stainless Steel Products, 
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