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NPR 601 Attendant Couch

Attendant Couch ;

In hospitals, not only patients but also patient relatives are your most important guests. If you are choosing the most reliable equipment for your rooms, just as you are choosing the best comfort for your patients, wouldn’t you like to make the same painstaking choice for the patients’ relatives?

The intensity in hospitals never ends; neither inside nor outside.
Don’t you want your hospital, home to thousands of patients and chaperones, to always be new, Always clean?
Although it’s not an easy task, we’re here to reduce your burden…

As with every Nuprom brand product, the NPR 601 waiting room Seats, which are easy to use, durable and offer comfort, will be an indispensable complement to your rooms for patients and their relatives.

When used as an armchair, it offers an extremely comfortable experience, both in width and in length, when used as a bed for the chaperone’s rest, while taking its place in the patient room with its elegant and non-space posture. The experience that makes this difference stems from the rigor of design, engineering, and functionality that Nuprom demonstrated during product development and production.

The bottom section of the waiting room seats can be pulled out to transform it from a chair to a bed, offering excellent comfort in both forms. With a built-in foam mattress, the Attendant Couch can help to provide a comfy night’s sleep. Available in different fabrics and colours, these couches can be custom-made to match any existing decor. The Attendant Couch is also fitted with 4 double-castor wheels for easy manoeuvring.

The Attendant Couch NPR 601 is designed to provide the elements of robustness, comfort, and aesthetics as a result of long-running R & D work. It can be used anywhere and in any environment with its special adesign that offers easy operation.

In our opinion, the waiting room seats is the best ‘sleeper chair’ of its kind, boasting the ultimate comfort for any user. The versatile design of the Attendant Couch makes it ideal for families and friends of patients in your hospice.

NPR 601 Attendant Couch is functionally designed for the attendant’s comfort. Made of high-quality upholstery and steel chassis to provide durability for hospital ward rooms.

Attendant couch easily convertible into bed. Inner compartment for bed linen and blankets.
Several fabric options. Four double castors (Ø 75 mm), all of them with a braking system. Heavy-duty steel structure.

Main Features

  • Vinyl Material which is engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against germs, abrasion and stains
  • Fabric or leatherette Uphostered surface
  • Fabric or leatherette upholstered armrests
  • Box space for stuff on below of sitting area
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fabric and leather upholstery option
  • Robust construction
  • Lying position for attendants
  • Switch to bed

Our Nuprom-branded waiting seats are the archenemy of dirt, dust, stain. Made of compact laminate and polyurethane material, they are ready to work in intensive use environments with their hygienic structures, being cleaned as easily as they are stylish.

Thanks to the NPR 601 waiting room Seats, your hospital will be clean and innovative on the first day.

NPR 601 Attendant Couch
Height 800 mm
Length 900 mm
Width 750 mm
Weight 45 kg
Safe working load 180 kg
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