Medical Waste Trolley


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NSS 3002 Medical Waste Trolley
  • Made of stainless steel to be used in operating and intervention rooms
  • The trolley is designed to transport medical wastages and materials
  • 345 L internal capacity with integrated relief valve at the bottom
  • 304 quality Stainless steel main structure
  • 360 ° Swivel and diagonal lockable castors
  • Pushing handles on both sides
  • Two doors on top surface
  • Two hinged lids
  • Conical design for ease of transportation
  • Drainage valve for the discharge of accumulated fluids
  • Double hinged lid on top
  • Plastic handles for doors
  • Stainless handle on both sides
  • Four castors, two of them with brake
  • 4 plastic bumpers against bumps
Height 970 mm
Length 1220 mm
Width 620 mm
Castor Diameter 125 mm
General Features

It is impact resistant. Bumps are accidental collisions to other objects cannot be avoided in the busy day and night activities in hotels and hospitals. With this, you can be sure that the unit can stay intact and functional even with high impact collisions. Stainless steel has long-term value as it can last longer.

Trolleys are available in a compact and compressed design that can be assembled quickly and easily. They feature castors making them convenient to move around the corridors. In traditional trolleys, one set of the wheels or castors have broken so they can stay in place when not in use. Modern designs have broken on all wheels for better stability.

Industries that use trolleys such as hospitals and hotels are busy environments. Hence, you will need something that can handle the wear and tear of rigid day use, and stainless steel can do the job. Stainless steel can keep its luster and shiny look longer. It is easy to clean making it perfect for hospital use which requires a higher level of sanitation and cleanliness. Stainless steel trolleys have antimicrobial properties keeping bacteria and germs at bay.

Essential Features of Stainless Steel Trolleys

Longevity – Stainless steel can last a lifetime provided it is properly cleaned and well maintained. Trolleys made from stainless steel are extremely sturdy and do not corrode or rust unlike other trolleys made from cast iron. Trolleys are subject for spills and stains, and those made from wood are prone to rotting and mold infestation.

Sterility – Electro polishing properties are added features of stainless steel trolleys. This feature makes the trolley shinier and brighter and at the same time increases its sterility quotient. Trolleys made from wood are prone to mold growth and can be a breeding ground of insects, bugs, and other creatures that can compromise the cleanliness of the facility.

Availability – Stainless steel trolleys are available in different styles and designs as well as
shapes and sizes. The standard requirements for hospitals and other medical facilities are that the unit must have at least one of two shelves. These shelves are fitted permanently on the frame and are durable to carry a heavy load. Some designs have 2 wheels while having 4 wheels hat swivels for easy movement. For extra safety and security, most trolleys have broken.

Easy to Assemble – Stainless steel trolleys can be assembled easily without the need for professional help. Even if you are a greenhorn, you can do this easily and quickly by just following the instructions that come with it.

Customization – If the trolley must be welded, this can be done and supplied to hotels and medical facilities. If there is a need to follow a certain requirement or criteria, stainless steel trolleys can be customized. The innovation of technology these days allows stainless steel to be easily cut, welded, and designed to meet specific needs.

Usage Area

How Stainless Steel Trolley Works

The medical and healthcare facilities like hospitals have a major use for stainless steel trolleys. These are available in different designs and styles. They may have two to three selves, and some are fitter with waste bins. There are designs with two or more door cabinets for ample storage of medical supplies.
The reason why stainless trolleys are widely used in the medical and healthcare industry and well as hotel and hospital industries have in many factors. Portable and foldable trolleys offer considerable ease of use since they can be carried conveniently if there is a need to it. Foldable stainless steel trolleys take up relatively less storage space.

The castors and the breaks offer ease of use when you have to move them around the corridors of the hospitals or hotels.
The durability and longevity depend on the type of metal sheet used to fabricate the trolley. A poor quality trolley will not last long due to its rigid use day and night. So you have to be careful in choosing the gauge of the stainless steel used in the manufacturing the product. You must check the locking system to make sure it is in good condition so that the storage space is ready to use anytime.

Applications of Stainless Steel Trolley

Stainless steel trolleys are hygienic and sanitized. These are the reasons why they are primarily used in hospitals and other medical and healing facilities as well as the hospitality industry. Their antimicrobial properties and electro clean look make them perfect for providing food and medicines in hospitals. When stainless steel trolleys are used, you are preventing germs and bacteria to affect the food and other medical supplies. This is very important particularly when this is used in healing facilities.

What Is the Best Stainless Steel Trolley?

When choosing stainless steel trolleys to buy for a hospital or doctor’s clinic, there are a few things you must consider.
First is that trolleys provide a perfect solution for transporting things from one to another without having to carry them physically. Also, gathering trolleys is simple and easy. The third is that the quality of stainless steel trolleys is unmatched. Nothing can beat the durability and stability of stainless steel. Fourth is that it’s available in various styles and needs that will fit your needs. Lastly, trolleys are easy to clean and maintain.

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