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NPR 3100 Emergency Cart

NPR 3100 Emergency Cart provide a highly manoeuvrable and stable work platform for your anaesthesia team. With a large array of available accessories the Nuprom Emergency offer an incredible amount of customization for just about any need. Whether it’s tilt bins, tape dispensers, catheter holders, scope safes, Nuprom Cart offers accessories that will help keep your OR space organized!

The NPR 3100 Emergency Cart

are available in both Steel and Aluminium construction. Steel carts offer a lower cost solution while our lightweight Aluminium carts offer the added benefits of being 30% lighter (easier to push), will not rust, include integrated drawer dividers, side shelves and larger, more stylish drawer handles.

The cost savings provided with the integrated drawer dividers in our aluminium cart can often justify the upgrade.

Flexible drawer configurations combined with optional drawer dividers and trays promote orderly storage. An innovative keyless access and automatic re-locking system provides secure and safe storage of anesthesia medications.

The NPR 3100 Emergency Cart is designed with a synergy of function and technology to meet the unique requirements of your anesthesia storage, organization and security.

  • Digital central locking system drawers
  • High quality finish enables easy cleaning
  • Eco-friendly medical grade material mono-block body
  • Detachable drawers come with separators
  • 3 sides raised edges for easy handling
  • Pushing handle
  • Height adjustable stainless-steel IV Pole
  • Defibrillator shelf, 360° rotatable, height adjustable
  • Waste bin
  • Slide-out writing shelf for care givers
  • Oxygen cylinder holder
  • Cardiac (CPR) board
  • 125 mm single castors (twin castors are optional), diagonal locks
  • 98 cm Height, 90 cm Width, 52 cm Depth
  • 3x small drawer 50mm, 1x medium drawer 100mm, 1x big drawer 200mm height
Technicial Specifications
NPR 3100
Width 900 mm
Height 980 mm
Depth 520 mm
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