NPR 104-54 Electrical ICU & Service Bed

NPRM-104-54 Anatomy

NPR 104-54 Electrical ICU and Service Bed

NPR 104-54 Electrical ICU and Service Bed comes with double trendelenburg and has a configureable frame system. Each motor has 6000 N push capacity lineer actuators. Back rest, knee rest and height adjustments made by the motors. Back rest 0-70°, knee rest 0-35° and height between 390 – 800 mm adjustable by hand remote control.
Area of use: Clinics, Intensive Care Units, Long term cares, Nursing, Home care
Supported Care Positions: Power inputs suitable with 110 / 220V AC, also with plug&run feature you do not need any installation.  Motors installed on the beds working under 40dB noise. It’s considered as silence as in library.
Side Rails:Telescopic height adjustable side rail is cost effective solution for those who have risk of falling out of beds. It is placed both side of the beds and can move up and down.
Ergonomic design and smooth finishing reduce risk of injuries against accidental hits. Open view type of side rails developed for those who have demantia and panic attack issues so that they do not feel imprisoned and unsafe Patients can be still in visual communication, while the side rails adjusted to even the highest position. Each side rail can be adjusted from the both side. Three adjustments possible as “down”, “half-down”, and up.
Down” position of the side rail; patients can get in and out of the beds easily. “Half-down” position; becomes holding bar as support while getting in and out of the beds. Also It secures upper body of patient when in lying position.”Half-down” position is suitable to use over bed table. “Up” position provides full security for patients.
Head and Foot Panels: Made of polypropylene ( PP ) medical grade plastic for hygen and cleaning purpose. Washable, autoclavable and resistance to cleaning chemicals. They are designed as detachable for emergency intervenes as well as making up the bed. Height of the panels is 33,5 cm from mattress platform.The boards easily fit on sockets placed at four corner of the bed
Options: NPR 104-54 category offers optional package standards as follow:
Mattress Platform: 4 sections, 3 adjustable platform consist adjusments of backrest 70°, kneerest 35° by motor and footrest 45° by ratchet mechanism. The platform has 85cm width and 190cm length for comfortable recovery.
Mattress Platform covers (deck), It is presented in wide range for your needs. Please mention your choice while ordering the bed. All covers have different advantages.


Painting and Coating : Construction and frame surfaces are coated with epoxy powder paint at high degree ovens. Durability, resistance to scratching and smooth surface at high quality is under guarantee. Therefore, It keeps the look like the first day. Eco-friendly smooth surfaces help you take care of your beds at ease.
Construction (Body) : Made of steel construction. With gas metal arch welding technique, It provides strong and durable body.
Additional Option: Legs and boards of our beds are demountable, therefore It ensures maximum use of space during storage and transportation. There is space under beds needed for placing lifts and overbed tables.
Adjustment Control : Adjustments made via hand remote control. Beds equiped with low voltage motors at 24V DC. The motors generate 2x 4500N power and are in IPX4 protection class.  Hand remotes are with coil type cables and easy to use without any guide as to be user friendly.
Mobilisation: The bed comes with a lower deck frame. It meets expectations of mobilisation as either diagonal lock and central lock can be added as option Central lock enables you to lock all castor from single point. Also steering castor is available for linear mobilisation of beds.  5th castor option In terms of being practical It performs at maximum level while turning corners espacially in busy times. The lower deck frame designed with minimum 150mm underbed clearance to ensure patient lift and overbed table to be used comfortably.
Breaking ( Locking): Beds equipped with castors can be selected as diagonal lock.


Protection Bumpers: They are placed at the four corner of our beds for protections againts to walls and important equipments from undesired hits during the mobilisation.  The bumpers are 360° degree rotatable, 120mm diameter and made of soft material.
Universal Brackets : They are placed at the four corner of our beds for accessories needed during the recovery of patients. Espacially for accessories such as IV pole, Oxygen tube, lifting pole and so on. It provides ease of using accesories without any mess.
Mattress Holders: For beds with adjustment ability, It prevents the mattress from sliding. They are installed on back rest and foot rest, thus regardless in which position the bed is, the mattress sticks with the platform.

Overall Dimensions 2250 x 1010 mm
Min Height 500 mm
Mattress Platform 850 x 1900 mm
Back Rest Adjustment 0-70° (Crank Control)
Product Weight 55 Kg.
Safe Load Capacity 220 Kg.
Footrest angle 0° – 40°
Trendelenburg angle 0° – 12°
Reverse Trendelenburg 0 – 12°
Castor diameter 125mm
Electrical shock protection Class I, Type B
Liquid ingress protection IPX54
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