Delivery Bed



  • Fully electrical delivery bed.
  • With easy detachable PP head and foot boards.
  • PP side rails on head side of bed, angle indicator on eachside
  • The foot section is easily removed and installed, serum hanger housing at Four Corners and 12 cm diameter impact bumper wheels. Foot supports on both sides steeltube chrome plated and straining handle.
  • High density foam mattress, liquid proof coated with vinlex, easy to disinfectand clean.
  • Steel construction partsare cleaned with an automatic system rails. And it is painted with electrostatic powder coating at 180 degree.
  • Delivery bedbackrest, height and Trendelenburg movements can be adjusted easily and quietly with hand control.
  • Abilityto move with out difficulty and quietly by motor
  • Bed is mobile and can be moved easily through 4 rotatable wheels, two of the wheels are braked and thebrake is activated when necessary.
  • There is a stainless waste bowl in the delivery bed.
  • Included with the bed is a height-adjustable IV pole.
  • The knee supports are with height adustment chrome plated steel and the foot rest with up holstery top water proof vinlex coating
  • Bed safe working load is 200 kg


  • Rich accessory options can be integrated to the bed
  • Back rest and  trendelenburg anti trendelenbug movements make by electrical motor
  • Detachable PP monoblockmolded head&foot boards
  • Clean and smooth appearance
  • Wall protective soft four corner bumpers
  • Four Brackets on corners
  • Strong and durable structure made of steel profile
  • 360° roatable 125mm diameter wheels two of them with brakes
  • I.V pole with height adjustment


External dimensions (WxL) 95 x 191 cm
Internal dimensions 80 x 180 cm
Height 60 x 90 cm
Back Rest Adjustment 0-70° (Crank Control)
Trendelenburg-anti trendelenburg 12 °
Weight 110 kg
Safe working load cağacity 200 kg
Wheels 125mm diameter wheels two of them with brake
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