Delivery Bed


NPR 951 Delivery Bed

NPR 951 ;

  • Metal parts coated with zinc phosphate and varnished with electrostatic epoxy polyester powder
  • Easily cleanable, 3 sectional compact laminate mattress surface.
  • Converting to Bed
  • Headboard and footboard made of hygienic PP materials
  • Side rails made of hygienic PP materials
  • IV pole inserts and protective bumpers on the two corners of headboard
  • IV pole and drainage hook
  • Stainless steel accessory rail
  • Swivel castors with central locking system and directional lock
  • Electronic adjustments of backrest, legrest, height-up &down positions
  • Electrical operated Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions
  • Hand control unit
  • Electronically CPR (Reset)
  • Equipped with powerful column motors Linak brand
  • Two-piece ABS plastic covered lower chassis
  • Chrome-Nickel coated accessories against corrosion
  • Easily removable stainless steel waste bowl
  • Adjustable patient handles
  • Sliding foot section mechanism
  • Angle indicators on the side rails
  • Back up battery for non-stop operation in case of power failure
  • Mattress with 12 cm thickness suitable for lying surface with
  • Stainless steel waste tray
  • Removable footrest mattress
  • Diagonal lock castors
  • Stainless steel handles

Delivery Bed ;

  • Perfect for All Positions including Crouching, Birth in Knee-Elbow Position, Lithotomic, Surgical Delivery and labor
  • Antibacterial & flame retardant cover
  • 2 removable, adjustable polyurethane leg supports
  • Adjustable Leg supports
  • Squatting Bar
  • Heel Supports (foot support)
  • Manual CPR for backrest with 2 sides lever (Optional)
  • Compatible with All Modem Procedures
  • Ideal Working Conditions for Doctors and Midwives
  • Maximum Comfort for Mother
  • Retractable foot Rest
  • Automatic Height Adj, Trendelenburg & Back Section
  • IP66, Washable, Lightweight and User Friendly Hand Control
  • 3 motors
  • Electronic adjustments of backrest and height
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Fowler, Vascular and Cardiac positions
  • Lockable and fold-away PP side rails
  • Easily cleanable and detachable PP head and foot boards
  • Easily cleanable, ABS mattress platform
  • ABS covered sub frame
  • Electrostatic powder coated metal frame
  • Stainless steel accessory rails
  • IV pole sockets located at four corners
  • Protective bumpers at four corners
  • Height adjustable stainless steel IV pole
Technicial Specifications
NPR 951 Delivery Bed
Height 650 mm – 950 mm
Length 2110mm
Width 1020mm
Weight 110 kg
Safe working load 230 kg
Power 110-220 V 50-60 Hz AC
External dimension 1020 – 2110 mm
Mattress platform 1900 x 900 mm
Backrest angle 0° – 70°
Trendelenburg angle 0° – 15°
Reverse Trendelenburg 0 – 15°
Castor diameter 125mm
Electrical shock protection Class I, Type B
Liquid ingress protection IPX54
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